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Caffé Nero – Nokia


This was a fun multimedia project - point of sale materials ('table-talkers' and flyers) led customers to a micro-site to sign-up and and claim some free music from Nokia's digital download store. Five songs of the customers choice were on offer as well as a track from up and coming band The Floe. The group also toured Caffé Neros around the country promoting their music and the offer. BT Openzone provided the wi-fi to get customers clicking through as easily as possible and enjoying some new music in the comfort of the café.

Project work – Nokia


Nokia Project Work


Examples of bespoke project work from my time at Nokia. Lots of clients here including E4, Meteor, Carphone Warehouse, Electric Picnic, News Of The World, The Irish Daily Star, NME, Caffé Nero, Screen Click, MTV and a variety of artists and their record labels.

These projects mainly consisted of working with a 3rd party client , a graphic designer, a terms and conditions lawyer and then customising template micro-sites and user journey testing before going live and running the engagement/retention campaign.

City Showcase – Nokia project work


City Showcase


City Showcase artists were invited to perform at Nokia World, a huge trade event for Nokia to exhibit its current hardware and services and to share upcoming developments in the technology sector. Without a rightsholder agreement in place for any of these unsigned artists we had to work on a solution to get their products into the music store and available for download as part of a custom mobile application that was built especially for City Showcase. Working with a graphic designer, I was able to mock up artwork and collect the appropriate metadata to supply all the required assets to a 3rd party digital portal who already had a rightsholder agreement in place. As solutions go, it was great workaround for the situation we found ourselves in.





I've blogged for a number of platforms. And it's not just  the words that I get involved with. I've helped customise WordPress sites and run blogging teams as an editor. I can get stuck in with the technical stuff, edit content so the tone is true and follows brand guidelines, commission pictures and liaise with p.r.'s. Sometimes, I even get to do some writing...!

Project work – Nokia at BrisFest



Nokia sponsored a local music festival here in Bristol. This was great fun to run as it involved technology and music, two of my favourite things. I worked closely with Energy and T3, two fantastic creative agencies to bring the Nokia Music presence to BrisFest on a tight budget. With Energy, we were able to furnish a chill out tent with the then current range of Nokia's music phones and laptop stations to try out the latest software. We had video show reels running on loop to keep folks informed and to run demoes on. Nokia reps were on hand for any questions and I arranged for a team to roam the festival site distributing music via Bluetooth and generally keeping the Nokia branding visible throughout the event.

T3 provided the massive DJ desk and equipment that took up most of the stage in the Nokia Live tent. This was a pleasure to organise as it involved musicians I personally hold very dear and it was a great way to showcase some of Bristol's best local talent with the support of an international brand. A rolling roster of local DJs and bands kept crowds entertained for the day. Come the evening we handed over to another Nokia linked but Bristol based promotional team safe in the knowledge the tent was rocking.

Misfits – E4, Nokia




This project was fantastically immersive and deeply integrated cross-platform so it was great to see all the elements come together. I handled the music side of things - as each episode was broadcast a new playlist of the songs that soundtracked it was released. As part of the bigger project, users could play games related to the show at Channel 4's website. Some of the prizes were download codes which could be redeemed at individual micro-sites for each episode that I customised for the campaign. The redemption was in exchange for a sign-up. Because the project was linked to an on-going TV series, it was great for acquiring new customers and even better for repeat visits to the web store.

Leyland Tile


Very happy to have worked with Leyland Tile recently on some magazine advertorial to promote this excellent local business. The article has so far appeared in The Bristol Magazine with the possibility of more to follow.

Magazine AdvertorialMagazine Advertorial-Leyland Tile Studio

Full text:

Leyland Tile studio is a fairly recent addition to the picturesque cascade of shops and businesses that make up the Christmas Steps Artisan Quarter. Set atop the summit of Christmas Steps along the thoroughfare that comprises Perry Road and Park Row, Leyland Tile sits comfortably amongst the luthiers and art spaces.

Tiling may not seem like the most adventurous of concerns for the savvy shopper or homeowner, but Leyland Tile’s proprietor Nicky Leyland’s expertise and outlook may change your mind. Nicky’s take on design places his newly opened studio very much at home with his creative neighbours.

The studio is a good sized room lit with tall windows. By the entrance, an ornate cast-iron easel supports a formidable portrait-sized tile that sports a vibrant copper green tinge. It’s a stunning example; Slimtech by Lea I’m told, and also very expensive. It looks fragile for its delicate grain but upon closer inspection I find, as you’d expect of a pressed piece of porcelain, that it is, in fact, solid as a rock. It’s elements of Nicky’s studio set up like these that seem to say he’s trying to do things a little differently.

Tiles and tiling are in his family. Nicky’s honed his craft the last fifteen years in business with his father. Although he specialises in the actual tiles that might deck your bathroom or hall, he has the hands-on experience (and a degree in Fine Art) to advise what will work well from a practical, as well as aesthetic, point of view. Read More »

Greta and Boris

Copy editing Greta and Boris

Greta and Boris

I've been copy editing for local publishing house Crooked Rib!

Have a sneak peek at Greta and Boris, a charming children's adventure story set in the Kingdoms of Cats, Rats and Mice.



As a Bristol based copywriter, it's always a pleasure working with local businesses and artists...

Griggzart at Cafe On The Square

Café On The Square is proud to be hosting monthly showcases featuring local art from some of Bristol's best artists.

Griggz, the pseudonym of Robert Griggs, is a Bristol based artist who cites his influences as graphic novels, gig posters and pop art. As a Hereford College of Art and Design alumnus, having studied Illustration there, Griggz found his artistic preference in people, in particular subjects from the entertainment industry.

Primarily working digitally for this portfolio, these recent works see Griggz employ elements from other disciplines familiar to him. Experienced in pen and ink, oil, acrylic and screen print, Griggz's daring artworks are characterised by broad brush strokes, a bright, stark palette and frenetic colour design.

Griggz's work is well regarded with various graphics featuring on the pages of popular style and culture destinations such as Fecal Face, The 405, RockFeedback, Dazed Digital, and Vice Magazine.

Currently adorning the walls of Café On The Square are 11 pieces, each of a very limited run. For sales please enquire at the counter or contact Rob directly at robertgriggsart (at)

See more at and follow him at