Friday 18th August 2017

Leyland Tile


Very happy to have worked with Leyland Tile recently on some magazine advertorial to promote this excellent local business. The article has so far appeared in The Bristol Magazine with the possibility of more to follow.

Magazine AdvertorialMagazine Advertorial-Leyland Tile Studio

Full text:

Leyland Tile studio is a fairly recent addition to the picturesque cascade of shops and businesses that make up the Christmas Steps Artisan Quarter. Set atop the summit of Christmas Steps along the thoroughfare that comprises Perry Road and Park Row, Leyland Tile sits comfortably amongst the luthiers and art spaces.

Tiling may not seem like the most adventurous of concerns for the savvy shopper or homeowner, but Leyland Tile’s proprietor Nicky Leyland’s expertise and outlook may change your mind. Nicky’s take on design places his newly opened studio very much at home with his creative neighbours.

The studio is a good sized room lit with tall windows. By the entrance, an ornate cast-iron easel supports a formidable portrait-sized tile that sports a vibrant copper green tinge. It’s a stunning example; Slimtech by Lea I’m told, and also very expensive. It looks fragile for its delicate grain but upon closer inspection I find, as you’d expect of a pressed piece of porcelain, that it is, in fact, solid as a rock. It’s elements of Nicky’s studio set up like these that seem to say he’s trying to do things a little differently.

Tiles and tiling are in his family. Nicky’s honed his craft the last fifteen years in business with his father. Although he specialises in the actual tiles that might deck your bathroom or hall, he has the hands-on experience (and a degree in Fine Art) to advise what will work well from a practical, as well as aesthetic, point of view.

Rather impressively, I discover he’s also an importer of Italian and Spanish tiles and other pan-European stone. With a direct line to six substantial Italian factories, it’s easy to rustle up some beautiful Libeccio or Basaltina or any one of a myriad of tiles on offer. There’s something for every budget and preference. There are antibacterial tiles (Microban), eco-friendly tiles (Ecostone) or, if you’d prefer, he can call up the Gardenia manufactuary (where Versace’s tiles are made) if you’re looking for something really exclusive.

For Nicky, his studio is for tiling projects for people who want creative work well done. Working with designers on new builds is a particular goal for him as he feels he can leverage his import business to bring higher quality material to new homes.

Ultimately though, as a young entrepreneur heading up his own, independently spirited business, the opportunity to operate for himself and offer great choice and quality is what Nicky appreciates most about his enterprise. With his hard working ethic you get the impression Leyland Tile may well have added the finishing touches to much of the West Country’s homes and businesses before long.