Friday 18th August 2017

Mariachi Gorillas


Very pleased to be working with Los Mariachi Gorillas de London. Will be providing PR copy for a very special musical project for the benefit of The Gorillas Organization.

Mariachi Gorillas - UK copywriting

The Gorilla Organisation - UK copywriitng

More news on the project as it develops.

Writing in the sky with FiveMilesHigh*


Writing in the sky with FiveMilesHighFiveMilesHigh* writes the kind of copy that can be seen from miles around.  Skywriting might be an old fashioned practice but the fundamentals behind it are still very much in play today. Get your message across by saying it bigger and better.

In this digital age of marketing messages and cloud computing you need copy that cuts through and rises above.  It's how you say it as much as who you say it to.

Trust us with the words - you will be seen and you will be heard.

Global Dawn


We're helping tech start-up Global Dawn with their messaging as they roll out their unique online sales platform. Click on the logo below to see what it's all about.


Global Dawn

Café On The Square


FiveMilesHigh* is very proud to have worked with Café On The Square, a lovely place to grab a coffee and a bite to eat in the heart of Bristol. Click on the image below to take a peek.

Cafe On The Square



FiveMilesHigh* is pleased to announce that we will be providing copy for our first financial client, Affico.

Affico is an Access For Financial Inclusion Consultants Organization  and we look forward to providing the words for their brand new online presence. More news to follow!


Say It Proud


Your message is important... but you shouldn't need to write it on the side
of a mountain. FiveMilesHigh* writes copy for your big idea. We'll write you
up so you stand tall. 

FiveMilesHigh* - Say It Proud

Shoot The Freak Records


Shoot The Freak - Bristol copywritingFiveMilesHigh* has entered into a partnership with local Bristol music label, Shoot The Freak, to provide press copy for their record releases.

Click here for the PDF

FiveMilesHigh* is different now

FiveMilesHigh* Something new is happening...