Friday 18th August 2017

Project work – Nokia at BrisFest



Nokia sponsored a local music festival here in Bristol. This was great fun to run as it involved technology and music, two of my favourite things. I worked closely with Energy and T3, two fantastic creative agencies to bring the Nokia Music presence to BrisFest on a tight budget. With Energy, we were able to furnish a chill out tent with the then current range of Nokia's music phones and laptop stations to try out the latest software. We had video show reels running on loop to keep folks informed and to run demoes on. Nokia reps were on hand for any questions and I arranged for a team to roam the festival site distributing music via Bluetooth and generally keeping the Nokia branding visible throughout the event.

T3 provided the massive DJ desk and equipment that took up most of the stage in the Nokia Live tent. This was a pleasure to organise as it involved musicians I personally hold very dear and it was a great way to showcase some of Bristol's best local talent with the support of an international brand. A rolling roster of local DJs and bands kept crowds entertained for the day. Come the evening we handed over to another Nokia linked but Bristol based promotional team safe in the knowledge the tent was rocking.