Friday 18th August 2017


Terms and Conditions

1. My day rate is set at £250. It's possible we can agree a price-per-project in advance.

2. I usually ask for a required 50% deposit up front before work begins.

3. We can arrange for projects to be paid for separately in three equal stages –
an initial deposit, a second “midway” payment, with the final sum once work is deemed complete.

4. The only acceptable payment schedule is per diem.

5. All small sums (£500 or less) are to be paid up front.

6. If hourly billing applies, expenses (eg travel), admin (eg phone and email time related to the project), and meeting time will be itemised and charged for by the hour. My hourly rate is £35.

7. Any costs other than time (eg stock photographs, travel, subcontractor costs) will be billed separately unless included in a quoted price. Receipts, time sheets, etc. can be provided upon requested.

8. Payment via bank transfer or PayPal unless by separate arrangement.

9. As a sole trader, VAT is not chargeable.

10. Payment is due on receipt of invoice. Payment later than 7 days after invoicing may be considered late and interest charged according to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) act 1998.

11. All work is copyright FiveMilesHigh* and may not be used to create derivative works without express permission (eg copy used on a different website or for a different purpose than that originally specified by the client). FiveMilesHigh* retains the right to publish extracts of work for the purposes of self-promotion (eg. in portfolio), unless specifically prohibited by a signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

12. A contract will generally be signed before work starts. When not working under specific contract, these terms and conditions apply to all work by default. These terms and conditions maybe superceded in special cases of contract but only by mutual agreement of both parties.